Study and Design of a High-Performance Computing Infrastructure for Iranian Light Source Facility based on the Accelerator Physicists and Engineers’ Applications Requirements

Synchrotron design and operation are one of the complex tasks which requires a lot of precise computation. As an example, we could mention the simulations done for calculating the impedance budget of the machine which requires a notable amount of computational power. In this paper we are going to review different HPC scenarios suitable for this matter then we will present our design of a suitable HPC based on the accelerator physicists and engineers’ needs. Going through different HPC scenarios such as shared memory architectures, distributed memory architectures, cluster, grid and cloud computing we conclude implementation of a dedicated computing cluster can be desired for ILSF. Cluster computing provides the opportunity for easy and saleable scientific computation for ILSF also another advantage is that its resources can be used for running cloud or grid computing platforms as well.